Instructions for Authors of Full Papers (Smart Cities in Smart Regions)

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The 3rd International Smart Cities in Smart Regions Conference “Hands on!” 
April 20 - 21 - 22, 2022 | ULLB | Avans University | Breda, The Netherlands (NEW DATE!)

The Conference is organized by the Urban Living Lab Breda, Avans University of Applied Sciences and Breda University of Applied Sciences in close co-operation with the municipality of Breda, LAB University of Applied Sciences (FI) and a number of international, national and regional partners and operators.

Instructions for Authors of Full Papers

1.    Submission and Review Process

May 1, 2022: Deadline for full paper submission
May 30, 2022: Notification of acceptance or request for revision
June 19, 2022: Submission of final, revised paper
September 2022: Publication of the conference proceedings

Authors willing to have their paper published in the conference proceedings should submit their full paper by May 1, 2022. Presenters of both papers and posters are eligible for submitting a full paper to be published in the proceedings. Authors will indicate whether they wish to have a peer review on their full paper of not. Only those papers passing the review process will be marked as peer reviewed.

Please note that the full paper document that you want to submit for peer review must not contain author information. Please submit a separate title page including author information and the paper title in addition to the full paper document.

Please submit your full paper to

The authors will receive the feedback from reviewers by May 30, 2022. If there are deficiencies in the full paper, the reviewers give a recommendation on revision of the full paper before acceptance. The authors have until June 19, 2022 to revise and finalise their paper for publication.

The full papers will be compiled into a conference proceedings, which will be published online in September 2022. The proceedings will appear as part of the LAB publication series.

2.    Formatting

The Full Paper must be submitted in MS Word Format (.docx) or Rich text Format (.rtf), NOT in PDF format. If these instructions are not followed, the editorial board may return the text to be modified by the author before review or decide not to publish it. Please use the following formatting:
    Length: maximum 3000 words
    Page size: A4
    Font style Arial, 11 points (including titles)
    Text margins: 2 cm on both sides, 2,5 cm on top and bottom
    Spacing: 1,5
    Paragraphs: One empty line between paragraphs
    No page numbers nor hyphenation

    Abstract: maximum 300 words
    References: Harvard style (see for guidelines
    Notes: To be avoided but if used, please place them as endnotes before the references.
    Acknowledgements (people, grants, funds, etc.): Please place them in a separate section before the references.

Please refer to more detailed instructions below for structuring your paper.
The full paper can include a maximum of four (4) figures, tables or images. These should be sent as separate files, in tif, ai, jpg, psd or raw format. They need to be numbered regularly and the place in the text of the article indicated promptly, e.g. Table 1.
Each item should be titled and numbered with a caption: figure/image (below) while table (above). Please check that figures, tables and images are of adequate quality for publishing. The images must be 2000 px wide and the resolution 300 dpi. Please send both original excel etc. and picture of the excel. Images are treated as any other resources, so please pay attention to correct referencing. Please also make sure you have permission to use any images that are not your own originals.
Images and figures need to be provided with text alternatives in order to make their content available to readers who can’t see them. For more information, please see

Important: full papers submitted for peer review need to be anonymised, not containing any author information.

Instead, please prepare a title page containing the following information:
    Names and titles of the Authors
    Organisations of the Authors
    E-mail addresses of the Authors
    Title of the Full Paper
    Abstract (maximum 300 words)

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