Arie Voorburg

Wie is Arie?

Arie Voorburg, working at Arcadis Europe Innovation & Business Development and (guest) lectures at several universities. Traveled and gained life experience as an officer in the (merchant) navy. Once ashore, he immersed himself in studies of system ecology (co-evolutionary complex systems, quantum biology), biophysics and philosophy and became fascinated by the urban phenomenon; the city in all its facets. Arie has been active for 30 years in the fields of ecology, biodiversity, sustainable development and complex –urban- systems. 

Inspiring and innovative, motivated and committed, creative, averse of dogmas: rethinking urban development and an economic renaissance respecting social and biophysical boundaries in accordance with exhausting resources, geopolitical and urban networks and disruptive technologies. 

Guided by these important cross-cutting issues Arie developed an integrated and evolving framework for resilient –urban- development (Socio Ecologic Urbanism and Urban System Engineering). A methodological and thoughtful fundamental understanding of the challenges, decision and governance process cities are facing the coming decades. To achieve inspiring and beckoning future prospects for socio ecologic and economic development and revitalization, innovative business and finance models have to be developed. (Urban) Decision Support Model as methodology is further valorized by my academic and private partners and is ‘operational’ in several research and projects Dutch cities and internationally communicated. This Urban Transition is based on new ecologic design principles (Biomimicry and bioclimatic design), Evolving Economy (Biobased, Circular, Inclusive Economy), Talent development (education and 21st century skills), Disruptive Technologies and new finance models (including DeFI). In these projects multiactors are involved, varying from the traditional players (governmental institutions, housing associations, etc.) to private partners and educational institutions, etc. 

Keynote speaker Smart Cities in Smart Cities Conference 2022

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