Marcel Bastiaansen

Keynote speaker
Wie is Marcel?

Prof. dr. Marcel Bastiaansen is a professor in leisure and Tourism Experience at Breda University of Applied Sciences, and at Tilburg University.

Together with his team of researchers, centered around BUas’ Experience Lab, he studies the role that emotions have in shaping leisure and tourism experiences, and how these experiences impact peoples’ well-being and quality of life. In the keynote Marcel will address these issues, and how to measure experiences: by combining physiological measures such as heart rate and skin conductance with indoor or outdoor positioning systems, experiences can be mapped out in time and in space. Concrete studies are described that map out experiences during a city walk, while sitting in a self-driving vehicle, and during a museum visit. Measuring experiences provides relevant data and insights for optimizing experience design in a wide range of settings.

Keynote speaker Smart Cities in Smart Cities Conference 2022