Steven van der Minne

Professional, Docent en onderzoeker
Wie is Steven?

My name is Steven van der Minne. I am a teacher in occupational health and safety at Avans University of Applied Sciences. I conduct research in the field of social safety and security within the Avans Safety Centre of Expertise.

I mostly value the synergy between students, teachers and the working environment, while innovating our education with an appeal to the students’ inner drives and creative power. I have developed a number of playshops related to safety, security, sustainability (SDGs), burnout prevention, and positive neuro-diversity.

In my free time, I am writing stories, poems, and songs. I create events for personal and creative development and I enjoy long walks in nature, on my own or with people who seek my company.

My activities at the SCCR conference:

First of all, I will create a knowledge agenda, starting on day 1, collecting your ideas for new research topics and recent developments. Since sustainability is an important issue, I will introduce this with a debate (with Peter Bakker), with an urgent plea for sustainability measures and a critical opposer. During the conference on day 2 we will collect your ideas. On day 3 we will proceed with the results in a constructive dialogue (with Astrid van Erk) on importance and priorities. The consensus will be sent to the participants after the conference.

In the parallel programme on day 2, I will introduce a collaboration game with SDGs, both for new students and for current students who consider a change of direction. The students play to optimise their talents and skills within a common set of values, and to become get their role as a new world sustainability council member. The students share their experiences with the game with the conference participants.


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