Poster sessions: Theme 3 Circular Economy & Entrepreneurship

Geplaatst op 15 april 2022, 11:00 uur

The third theme is Circular Economy & Entrepreneurship. An economy where resources lose as little as possible of their value. Where renewable energy is key. We have two amazing people talking about the topics, on Wednesday 20th April in the afternoon during the poster sessions at the ‘Smart Cities in Smart Regions’ Congres.  

First up is Alexandra Maksheeva. Alexandra will be talking about Case of international master students influencing local community development 

Presentation of the results of successful cooperation between international urban sustainability master degree students (MUrCS) with local stakeholders helping in sustainable development of local communities. 

The second and last up is Sanna Lindgren. Sanna will be talking about Local sustainability acts in a built environment 

The KOHISTEN-project has taken “think globally, act locally” — theme in earnest and the project has created grassroots information of the environmental impact of the life cycle of construction and housing. 

In addition to these poster sessions, there will be workshops and parallel sessions held on Thursday. There the topic continues. Check the program for day 2 here

Get your tickets here: Congres Smart Cities in Smart Regions tickets. Ticket sale ends today 15 April 2022 at 9 PM (GMT+2)

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